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Sopro intraoral cameras

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Sopro Intraoral Cameras

Sopro intraoral cameras
Challenge: You’re seeking the latest in intraoral camera technology with the ability to integrate your camera into your A-dec delivery system for quick, efficient access.
Solution: Sopro intraoral cameras.

Sopro intraoral cameras provide a range of functions to meet your individual requirements. Plus, they fully integrate into your A-dec delivery system so your camera will always be at your fingertips.

SoproCARE is the first and only intraoral camera with the ability to reveal caries, dental plaque, and gingival inflammation. 

Besides caries detection, SoproLIFE enables you to visually differentiate between healthy and affected tissue in the excavated site while in treatment mode.


Sopro intraoral cameras
First Device To Reveal Gingival Inflammation: SoproCARE goes beyond superior image quality to reveal caries, as well as new and old plaque. In addition, SoproCARE is the first product on the market to reveal gingival inflammation.

Caries Detection With Treatment Mode: Improve clinical performance and eliminate guesswork with SoproLIFE. More than a camera, SoproLIFE combines advanced detection of decay with a Treatment Mode that allows you to clearly differentiate healthy tissue from infected tissue.

Exceptional Image Quality: Get a sharp image in seconds with the SoproCARE, SoproLIFE, Sopro 717 First, and Sopro 617 intraoral cameras. With a single gesture, tooth details are magnified up to 115 times in macro mode.

Sopro intraoral cameras

SoproCARE intraoral camera with gingival inflammation, dental plaque, and caries detection: SoproCARE provides three modes to assist you during prophylaxis and periodontal treatment.

Perio mode provides effective illumination of new plaque, old plaque, and gingival inflammation.

Cario mode clearly reveals caries with a bright red color. Switch to Daylight mode for camera function. SoproCARE provides you with all of the necessary tools to perform a complete and efficient oral examination.

SoproLIFE intraoral camera with caries detection: SoproLIFE easily switches between Diagnostic mode and Treatment mode to assess, show, and explain concerns with a real-time visual of tissue, enamel, and caries-affected dentin. From portrait to macro, Daylight mode produces an unequal image quality.

Sopro 717 First intraoral camera: You gain exceptional viewing and image-capture clarity while reducing the time and effort typically needed to prepare cavities, identify micro-fissures, communicate treatment, and better inform patients.

Sopro 617 intraoral camera: The Sopro 617 combines LED lighting technology with superior optics to provide sharp, distortion-free images. Add ergonomic design, plus a highly competitive price, and you have one of the best values in intraoral cameras today.

Mini integrated camera dock: Translates the camera's analog video signal to a digital signal for computers. Connects via USB cable.

MU-USB integrated camera dock: Connects your Sopro camera with a television or monitor in addition to an LCD VGA monitor or laptop.

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